Tech trends for your home

Smart lights, entertainment, thermometers, and security systems. Home technology is a part of our lives, and it’s only going to progress. Some of the latest technology was on display at CES, which is the world’s largest technology trade show that takes place in Las Vegas. I just read an article that wrapped up some of the trends and thought I’d share them with you.

Are your kitchen countertops cluttered with cords from devices or small appliances? One of the interesting trends to come out of CES is wireless charging countertops. You can charge and cook without wires.

If you were concerned about porch pirates over the holidays, you’ll love this new tech from BoxLock. It’s a padlock that you place where you want packages to be delivered. It only opens when the lock scans the package. Then it notifies you when your package has been securely delivered. It’s compatible with all major shipping carriers.

We’re all looking to get a better night’s sleep, right? We have fitness trackers and or other devices now, but what about a smart bed that analyzes billions of data points to determine just how well you sleep?


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