Building a Condo Community

A community helps you feel at home, but it can be difficult to bring together neighbours in buildings and condominiums. Here are some suggestions to help you start building connections in your vertical neighbourhood.

Below are some ways you can get engaged with your condo community.

Be active in your building’s online community

Facebook and other social media networks make it very easy to set up virtual communities where you can stay on top of current events, renovations, or other things happening in your building. If your condo already has Facebook group, consider joining it. If not, you may want to management about setting one up.

Organize group events with your neighbours – Want to get to know the people on your floor a bit better? A dinner party, board game night or televised sporting event may be a great opportunity to get to know your neighbours.

Set up a barter or a swap system – Each tenant within a condo building has a unique and valuable set of skills. It may make sense to set up a barter or swap system, so you can help others with the things that you are strong at, and receive help doing the things you find difficult.

Be a respectful neighbour – The Golden Rule—treat others how you would like to be treated—applies to condo life as well. Do what you can to be a respectful neighbour. For example, if you’re planning on having a few friends over and you think noise may exceed typical levels, give your neighbours a heads up.